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We use Natural Utah Stones in our carvings.

Thomas Range Mountains Juab county Utah.
Origin: Hydrothermal Replacement
White Lace Calcite gets it's name from the lacey pattern
of the various black and sometimes red bands within the bright white crystal calcite.
The black bands are Manganese the red bands are Iron.
The bold contrast of black and red in bright white
makes a very rich and beautiful stone.
Location: Beaver County Utah
Marble is a common building stone.
Some Marbles are famous such as Italian white and Belgian black Marble.
The colors vary and may be found in pinks,yellows and browns.
Marble is a soft rock and yet dense in structure.
It was once limestone in the precambrian era.
The sedimentary limestone masses were sometimes contacted
by hot magmas and the pressure altered the limestone.
Other minerals from the magma then infiltrated the limestone
causing feathery lines and beautiful designes
such as Picasso Marble found in Beaver County Utah.
The scenic effect and color contrast in black and gold
has made this marble a popular cutting stone for the lapidarist.
Location:Near Orderville Utah
Period:Cretaceous,50 Million Years Ago.
The Natural form of Septarian is a nodule
that varies in size from less than one inch to four feet in diameter.
The hard clay-like exterior is bentonite.
The brown layers are aragonite
and the white-yellow-yellowish brown central material is calcite.
Most Septarian nodules are solid, but some
contain hollows lined with beautiful dog tooth crystals.

Tiffany Stone

Tiffamy Stone is a relatively new stone
Quickly becoming very popular.
It is found in West Central Utah In Juab County near Topaz Mountain.
It is a very colorful gemstone in various hues od pinks and purples.
Just north of the Francisco Mountain Range
in the most remote and isolated section of southwest Utah
is found the Spore Mountain Lavender Pit Mine area,
a new set of private claims producing some of the highest grade ore,
only found in this area of the world,
the "Tiffany Stone" also known as "Bertrandite",
"Opalized Fluorite" or "Utah Lavender"

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